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Stripburger traži cure!

29 Juna 2007.

StripburgerDobio sam dopis od Stripburgera sa oglasom za prijem radova za novi broj. Prosljeđujem ga u potpunosti u nadi da ćete razumjeti pravila.

All comic artists are invited to contribute their works for the next issue of comics magazine Stripburger. As usual, we accept only black-and-white comics. Deadline for submissions is August 10th.

Since Stripburger #46 is made in collaboration with City of Women festival, part of the the magazine is going to be dedicated to women authors comics which deal with socially engaged and other relevant issues through the prism of humour.

All women artists interested in participation in the thematic part of Stripburger #46 can send their work (max. five black-and-white A4 pages) by August 10th 2007 to: burger@mail.ljudmila.org

Full call for submissions can be reached at: www.stripburger.org Your work will be considered by Stripburger editorial board.

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